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Action Kits

The universal message of Sin by Silence is to stop the violence! Whether you volunteer at a shelter, donate, reach out to students or advocate for better policies – everyone has a role to play in combating the global pandemic of violence against women.

University students, community organizations, schools, shelters and friends all have very little time to create materials that further awareness and stimulate dialogue to create change in communities. By providing a down-loadable action kit to accompany the film, we were able to make advocacy and easier reality by hosting a Sin by Silence event.


Create awareness. Stimulate dialogue. Catalyze change within communities through an 'Action Kit’ that encourages audiences to host their own Sin by Silence event to help create longevity in our outreach beyond the initial community tour.


Provide step by step actions and materials for educational and non-profit organizations, we can help infuse the domestic violence movement to reach new levels in their community.

  1. Streamline the process on the Sin by Silence website for hosting own event.
  2. Have materials and handouts available for download.
  3. Create handouts that help promote further dialogue, understanding and strategic action steps for communities.


By creating our STOP THE VIOLENCE action kits we have transformed Sin by Silence into the perfect do-it-yourself tool for individuals and organizations to be stewards of change in their own communities. We have helped create safe places for audience members to share their own personal stories of tragedy. We have helped connect organizations with new advocates who are ready to join the cause and begin working together. We have helped university students take action in the fight against violence on their own campuses. We can help make a difference!


All the materials and handouts needed for a STOP THE VIOLENCE event can be viewed at http://www.sinbysilence.com/stoptheviolence


"I was amazed by how well the screening went, how many people were moved by the film, and how proud I was to be able to spread the message of wrongful and unjust incarceration of battered women. The culture of violence against women on campus has become normalized, and I see it everyday. My own commitment to stopping violence against women was reinvigorated when I watched the film, and some of the stories stay with me constantly. The toolkit that Sin by Silence put together was extremely helpful. Even though I organized the event without any prior knowledge about how to put on a public screening, I felt extremely prepared and well equipped because of the toolkit. Thank you so, so much for making such an incredible film, and for making public screenings so easy! I hope that this film can continue to spread its message and that women and men become more educated about this issue."
Cornell University, student Emma Schain

"I was very impressed by the number of people who attended the event. This is by far the best resource that I have seen that touches on this issue. I was able to tie the film to other projects at the school that look at issues such as female empowerment in society and issues of female incarceration."
Purdue University

"I am very grateful for all that your team is doing to help people like me who want to spread the word. I didn't know where to begin until I saw all your templates. For me, this even was the first step in bringing awareness to my campus. The first of many."
Chaffey College