DVD Strategy

A film simply cannot answer every question before the credits start to roll. If it did, the audience would have to sit through 12 hours and be demanding an intermission. We knew with the complex issues brought up in Sin by Silence that our audience would have questions - from the legal plight of convicted survivors, to the multiple dimensions of abusive relationships. But, we couldn't throw in the kitchen sink and still edit a compelling story. So, that's where the DVD came in to save the day!


Create two versions of the Sin by Silence DVD to help facilitate use of the film in homes, shelters, advocacy groups and classrooms. After all, the longevity of the message of a film is in the hands of a DVD being passed from friend to friend.


  1. Home DVD version through Sin by Silence website and screening events
  2. Educational DVD version through Women Make Movies


Closed captioned to reach deaf communities - check!
Spanish subtitled to reach Spanish speaking communities - check!
Bonus videos to encourage discussions on the issues brought up in the film - check!

We knew the power of the Sin by Silence DVD was in our viewers hands. Hands that pass the film onto a friend, hands that give the DVD to someone you think might need help in their own relationship. But, our viewers would want to know more. So, we turned the concept of bonus videos into advocacy videos that would further understanding and involvement in the plight of incarcerated survivors, as well as the issues of domestic violence.


  1. What’s a CWAA meeting like?: CWAA meetings and members discuss various aspects of their abusive relationships
  2. What’s prison like?: Joanne and LaVelma take viewers on a tour to get to know the California Institution for Women
  3. What happened to Joey?: Behind the scenes story and footage of this mother and son reuniting after Brenda's release from prison
  4. What can I do to help Glenda?: Expert witness, Dr. Nancy Kaser-Boyd, and legal expert, Michael Brennan, break down the process of parole in California and describe the obstacles incarcerated survivors face in their journey to freedom
  5. Can I hear more from Rosemary?: Full clip of Rosemary's 'confessional' from the film
  6. Can I hear more from Virgil?: Full clip of Virgil's 'confessional' from the film

For our university screenings we really wanted to make the DVD a tool for students to take home and share with their friends to help continue the vital conversations that could save lives. By selling the DVD for half price, we were able to sell more while also maximizing effectiveness by encouraging students to give the DVD to a friend that couldn’t attend the event.
*Raised average event sales by 250%

Exclusive offer for fans of Sin by Silence on Facebook, Twitter, as well as our email newsletter list were able to take purchase the DVD and receive one free DVD and special holiday card to give as a gift to a friend, during the month of December.
*Raised average monthly sales by 300%

Continual offer since December 2009, to be able to purchase the Sin by Silence DVD, and for $10 more purchase a second DVD to give to a friend.
*Raised average monthly sales by 10%


The Sin by Silence educational DVD version is distributed by Women Make Movies and has soared to be one of their best-selling films. Top domestic violence experts have raved the DVD to be an essential educational resource on domestic violence.

"Sin by Silence offers resources I try to include in every speech, training, or discussion with a policy maker."
Debby Tucker - Executive Director, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

"Sin by Silence provides cutting-edge videos to help advocates achieve social action."
Alyce LaViolette - Founder, Alternatives to Violence

We had a vision to create videos, for the teaching environment, that could further spark and continue discussion brought up after watching the film. By creating more than two hours of additional video content, we were able to include interviews with experts on abusive relationships, law enforcement leaders and leaders in faith-based communities about domestic violence, incarceration and more.


  1. Batterer's Group: An in-depth look into the Los Angeles County program Reach to Recovery led by James Beard and Lindsay Wagner. Through intimate interviews with a family and a couple, the viewer is able to experience the complexities of the whole dynamic of abusive relationships.
  2. Public Safety: Domestic violence can now no longer be viewed as a private issue. It always goes beyond closed doors and into the streets and homes of others. At age 18, Michele plead guilty to first degree murder. In 1987, her boyfriend Jose coerced her to be a part of an in house robbery that resulted in one woman dying. She felt forced to be a part of this horror or Jose threatened to kill her family. Viewers will hear an incredible story of abuse and crime from all of those it affected most. Kate lost her mother and the murder shattered her sense of security. Richard lost his wife and the mother of his children, yet still reaches out to Michele to forgive her.
  3. What is Abuse: Dr. Elizabeth Leonard and Dr. Nancy Kaser-Boyd provide an in-depth look into the various aspects and forms of abusive relationships.
  4. Warning Signs: The women of Sin by Silence share their personal stories of looking back on the warning signs in their own abusive relationships.
  5. Why She Stays: The women of Sin by Silence share the factors that caused them to feel like there way no way out of their abusive relationships. Includes perspectives from Dr. Elizabeth Leonard and Dr. Nancy Kaser-Boyd.
  6. Progression of Abuse: The women of Convicted Women Against Abuse describe the complexities of their own abusive relationships.
  7. 911 call: The entire 911 call from the film.
  8. CWAA Meetings: An in-depth look at Convicted Women Against Abuse meetings and 5 in-depth group discussions with members on various topics of their personal|experience with abuse.


  1. Staff Perspective of CIW: The California Institution for Women's Warden and Lieutenant give a behind the scenes look of California's oldest women's prison.
  2. Inmate Perspective of CIW: Take a tour of the California Institution for Women with some of the inmates at the California Institution for Women.
  3. Men vs Women Prisons: Dr. Barbara Bloom, along with the California Institution for Women Warden and Lieutenant, disect the drastic differences between men and women's prisons.
  4. Law Enforcement Response to DV: Learn about the progression of law enforcement protocol and evolution to the crisis of domestic violence with California law enforcement leaders and experts including Sheriff Baca of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Chief John Welter of Ananheim, CA, and Lt. Chris Sayers of the Anaheim Family Justice Center.


  1. Brenda Clubine’s Hearing: Take a look at the full hearing that brought Brenda Clubine to freedom.
  2. Juror’s Perspective: An in-depth perspective from Glenda Crosley's juror on the process and complications of the 1987 trial.
  3. Expert Witness: An in-depth perspective and explanation of the role of an expert witness on domestic violence homicide cases by Dr. Nancy Kaser-Boyd.


  1. Message to Shelter: Brenda Clubine personally encourages women on their road to independence from abusive relationships.
  2. Brenda & Joe: Behind the scenes story and footage of this mother and son reuniting after Brenda's release from prison.


  1. LaVelma Byrd: LaVelma killed her husband, a pastor and pillar in the community. She never spoke a word to her family, or church members, that her husband beat her on a regular basis. She had faith that her husband would change. LaVelma shares her experience of abuse in a Christian home and what we need to do to begin helping others that are in similar situations.
  2. Dr. George O Wood: General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God encourages churches to make sure their homes are safe and free of domestic violence.
  3. Rabbi Miriam Hamrel: Rabbi and leader of the Ahavat Torah Congregation encourages synagogues towards Tikun Olam – to fix the world from its wrong doings.
  4. Sister Terry Dodge: Director of Crossroads encourages Catholic communities to take a stand against violence against women.



  1. Robin Savard December 12, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    Looking for an educational video on Domestic Violence to use with our clients. We have a parenting education program, but would like to add a component on abuse. Do you have any clips to watch?

  2. admin March 20, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    Hi, Robin. Make sure to check out our educational materials for Sin by Silence at http://www.sinbysilence.com/educational