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American Library Association Honors Sin by Silence

We made the list! Sin by Silence was recently selected as the American Library Association’s “2011 list of Notable Videos for Adults”. We are thrilled to be listed as one of 15 outstanding programs released on video within the past two years that make a significant contribution to the world of video recordings.

Click here to check out the list.

A make sure you have a copy of our educational DVD – an essential resource for any professor, training or non-profit group. In addition to the film, the DVD features more than 2 hours of discussion videos on the various issues and themes sparked by the stories of the Convicted Women Against Abuse. Click here for more information.

The Fledgling Fund joins the Sin by Silence team

The Fledgling Fund seeks to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals, families, and communities by supporting media projects that target entrenched social problems. Sin By Silence is honored to be one of their grants recipients, along with many other esteemed documentaries. This generous grant will allows the QLP team to ensure the success of our outreach and campaign as we begin to bring Sin By Silence to audiences across the country.

To read more about The Fledgling Fund click here.

Grant Awarded to Sin By Silence

Each year the Playboy Foundation chooses a small number of documentaries to fund that express social justice, promote social change, and enhance principles of personal freedom. Sin By Silence is honored to be one of their recipients. This generous grant will allows for a pivotal artistic dimension of an original score to be underwritten and help move Sin By Silence towards completion.

We would like to thank the Playboy Foundation for helping give the women of Sin By Silence a voice. Their generosity enables us to continue empowering the women of the California Institution for Women by bringing their stories of domestic violence to the public. As with all of our donors, we are helping the women of Sin By Silence turn their horrific experiences towards hope and away from despair.